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Dancehall personality LA Lewis is again causing controversy after posting a video in which he is condemning various dancehall artistes and media personalities for being homosexuals.

The nearly eight-minute long video, entitled ‘Tony Matterhorn is a real gay’, was posted last Wednesday and has gone viral on social media, racking up over 20,000 views on Lewis’s YouTube channel.

As the video’s title suggests, the main subject of Lewis’ rant is popular selector Tony Matterhorn or as Lewis calls him, ‘Maggie girl’. The self-proclaimed ‘Seven Star General’ claims he has carefully inspected and authenticated a photograph of Matterhorn and two alleged cross-dressers.

“Matterhorn leave outta the middle a di dance, go inna a private corner wid two man wah dress up like woman, hug dem up, dem hug him up back. One a dem a rub down him b…. and have him hand pan him (Matterhorn’s) chest and one a pinch him up, and Matterhorn ago tell me say him straight?,” Lewis said, as he displayed the picture in question on his mobile phone.

When THE STAR contacted Tony Matterhorn, he was quite irate about the issue.

“Obviously, him do that fi get a hype, but me nah give him no hype,” said a furious Matterhorn.

In the latter part of the video, a seemingly enraged Lewis identified some popular personalities as homosexuals and said, “dem ago dead!” After listing the names of the dancehall artistes, actors and a even a politician, he said, “di whole a dem a b….man!”

L.A. Lewis is widely known for his ludicrous publicity stunts such as editing himself into celebrities’ photographs and writing his name in numerous places, claiming it was done by fans

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