G View TV is an online internet tv show that airs Fridays from 8-10 p.m. on Gviewtv.com 

The show is a platform for artists of all forms, activists, cultural leaders, entrepreneurs, and other members of the global community to discuss issues and promote events and initiatives that relate to Afro-Canadian and Caribbean culture.

With a panel of 3 hosts, each week there are in-depth discussions on a variety of topics ranging from current political and social issues to family and relationships, to health and financial well-being, and much more.

We are interactive with viewers and allow them to contact us live on air through phone calls or Skype calls, as well as through all of our social media outlets such as Twitter, Instagram, Whats App and Facebook.

At G View TV, we pride ourselves on having both local and international connections that allow us to tackle topics essentially worldwide with the ability to contact sources directly involved. We are a channel for promotion but just as equally a leading source of information for the local and international community.

G View TV is growing weekly, both in viewership and in its mission to be the number one online program.

We strive to reach and maintain a level of media excellence that we hope encourages organization, artists, politicians, and professionals from all fields to come and share with us and our viewers their endeavors, programs, and successes both now and for years to come.

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